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Voters must be able to access accurate information about the candidates as well as the election processes., Jakarta – A number of social media platforms are invited to participate in combating black campaigns during the 2018 Gubernatorial Election process, as well as the 2019 General Election.

“The General Election Commission, Election Supervisory Board, and the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, along with several social media platforms, will sign a partnership next month to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and exciting election, which can kindle the creativity of many people,” Chairman of the General Election Commission, Arief Budiman, stated in Jakarta on Tuesday.

“Involvement of social media platforms can contribute to the maintenance of a healthy competition”

He further noted that the cooperation is being carried out to ensure that the rights of voters are protected, especially to obtain the correct information.

Voters must be able to access accurate information about the candidates as well as the election processes, he added.

Through the cooperation, the circulation of information related to the election processes will be supported by various information facilities.

“Therefore, it would reach the public faster, while its accountability is ensured,” he remarked.

On a different occasion, Legal Researcher for Election and Democracy, Fadli Ramadhanil, revealed that social media platforms should be invited for specific discussions to address black campaigns in social media.

He believed that the involvement of social media platforms can contribute to the maintenance of a healthy competition.

“In addition to the Board, Police Force, and the ministry, various social media platforms should be involved in order to maintain a healthy competition,” he said. (dda)

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Go-Food handled over 50 million transactions per month in Southeast Asia, and the number of transactions doubled in the past six months., Jakarta – Go-Food, a food delivery service of Indonesia’s ride-hailing app Go-Jek, announced that its market share has reached 75 percent in Indonesia. “We continue towards becoming the market leader in food-delivery services with a 75 percent market share in Indonesia,” Chief Food Officer Gojek Group, Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo said in a written statement here Thursday (19/9/2019).

Based on data from research firm Nielsen, Go-Food handled over 50 million transactions per month in Southeast Asia, and the number of transactions doubled in the past six months, Catherine noted.

Some 84 percent of people who used more than one food delivery application considered Go-Food as the best service in Indonesia, far higher than the industry average of 39 percent, the most recent Nielsen report “Understanding the Online Food Delivery Market” revealed.

That fact is directly proportional to the growth of GoFood in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

The app has become part of people’s daily lives. Consumers do not need to spend time waiting in line at restaurants because thousands of menu choices are at hand, Catherine said.

“So it makes life more practical,” she said.

Based on Nielsen’s data and findings, this app is rated by consumers to exceed the industry average because it was considered to have a diverse menu choice of 87 percent and 83 percent diverse traders by urban consumers.

In addition, it is easy to use, said 83 percent and Gojek’s driver partners are considered friendly, polite and informative, said 82 percent. With regard to the addition of balances the app was much easier, said 82 percent, while 79 percent of urban consumers rated its services as the fastest. (edy)

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Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister, Retno Marsudi., Jakarta – Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi opened the Regional Conference on Digital Diplomacy (RCDD) to be held in Jakarta on (10-11/9/2019).

“This conference is a new initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is a follow-up to the earlier discussion last year in June 2018,” Marsudi remarked in Jakarta on Tuesday (10/9/2019).

The RCDD is the first conference related to the field of digital diplomacy organized in the region. Representatives from 16 countries comprising 10 ASEAN member nations and six ASEAN’s dialogue partners, including Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand were attendees at the conference.

Minister Marsudi reiterated the significance of the implementation of RCDD that can be a forum for relevant stakeholders in the region to discuss opportunities and challenges in the path to conducting diplomacy in the digital era and ways to optimally utilize information and communication technology in diplomacy towards realizing progress and mutual prosperity.

The RCDD is also projected to encourage future cooperation in reducing the technological and digital divide in the region. This activity is also expected to offer an opportunity for all parties, including the private sector, to develop opportunities for cooperation in the field of digital technology.

The regional conference will agree on the document “The Jakarta Message on Regional Cooperation on Digital Diplomacy” that contains the recognition of the importance of digital diplomacy, joint commitment in building messages, and digital diplomacy cooperation between relevant stakeholders, including an appeal for building a community that is free from false information.

The results document will be supplemented by an action plan for ongoing cooperation between the government, private sector, and other stakeholders in building regional networks to step up the utilization of digital technology for diplomacy.

On the sidelines of the conference, a digital technology exhibition will be held on September 10-11, 2019. Indonesia’s unicorns, start-ups, and other potential partners will take part in the exhibition that is open to the public. (yna)

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The Agrarian and Spatial Planning Minister/Head of the National Land Agency, Sofyan A Djalil., Jakarta – The Agrarian and Spatial Planning Ministry/National Land Agency (BPN) has launched an integrated digital-based agrarian and spatial services at its 42 branch offices, the minister, Sofyan A Djalil stated here Wednesday (4/9/2019). “Initially, 42 branch offices of the National Land Agency in Greater Jakarta, Bandung City, Surabaya, Palembang, Medan, Balikpapan, and Makassar will start using the service,” Djalil said.

New clients may use the digital-based platform to apply for a mortgage loan, the minister explained. The platform would enable people to report and check their land/spatial information and liabilities, he added.

One of the prime services offered by the ministry’s new platform was a digital signature.

The digital signature, offered by the platform, would be soon available to validate legal land documents, Djalil explained.

Besides the digital signature, the ministry’s latest platform also includes several services such as land mortgage liability, land/spatial information, and land registration.

State-owned lender Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) acting president director, Oni Febrianto Raharjo, also lauded the ministry’s new platform on land/spatial services.

“This new platform may help the bank apply for a liability certificate over certain lands. This certificate is a requirement for the bank before organizing a land auction,” Raharjo said. (mdg)

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