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Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI), Jimly Asshiddiqe., Jakarta – Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) Jimly Asshiddiqe asks all Indonesians to remain united and should not be split merely on difference in political preference ahead of the presidential election in April 2019.

“Indonesia is the most pluralistic nation and we should remind each other. In democracy we must respect each other,” Jimly said as a key speaker at a public discussion on `Strengthening National Unity in Political Constellation` held by the state run Islamic University in Ciputat, Banten on Monday (22/10/2018).

The former chairman of the Constitutional Court expressed concern with heated political situation, marked with rampant hoaxes and hate speeches in social media.

Debates in social media are more often degraded into a slanging match, each seeking to bring down the other in the run up to the legislative elections held at the same time with presidential election, Jimly said.

He called on the public especially students and those called millennial to be wiser.

“Lately social media were used as instrument to insult and seek to bring down political rivals. It is not right. Students are millennial not a hick. We have to learn to respect and accept differences,” he said.

Jimly, who is also the former chairman of the Honorary Council of Election Organizer (DKPP) repeated his call for national unity despite difference in political preference. (nat)

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Education and Culture, Minister Muhadjir Efendy., Jakarta – Education and Culture Minister Muhadjir Efendy has appealed to Indonesia’s regional governments to seriously manage museums as a symbol of civilization and a means for the younger generations to study the journey of this nation.

“I am thankful to the Jakarta provincial government for its serious efforts to manage museums professionally so they can attract foreign and domestic tourists. The success sets an example for other provinces,” he said during the peak commemoration of Museum Day 2019 in Jakarta Saturday (12/10/2019). The government is serious about caring and maintaining museums because they are symbols of civilization, he said.

The government has set aside Rp129 billion in a special allocation fund (DAK) to care for museums. Besides, it also has formed Rp1 trillion worth of cultural endowment funds, he said.

As a symbol of civilization, museums must be maintained. If a nation aims to become an advanced country it must have well-maintained and advanced museums, he said.

The public must also frequent these museums because they keep historical messages that all sides, particularly younger generations, need to know.

“The messages of civilization found in the museums must be introduced and socialized to younger generations or our students so they will be proud of (achievements) and will become more aware of themselves,” he said. (ptv)

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Environment and Forestry Minister, Siti Nurbaya Bakar., Jakarta – Quoting the results of scientists’ study, Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar drew attention to the current extreme temperature being one of the upshots of climate change.

“The extreme temperature is ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation), both in the form of La Nina and El Nino,” she remarked while opening a climate festival at the Manggala Wanabakti Building in Jakarta on Wednesday (2/10/2019).

The climate change may raise the frequency of La Nina and El Nino weather phenomena. Usually, the weather phenomena is a five- to seven-year cycle though currently cut short to three to five years, she pointed out.

La Nina has triggered flooding due to high-intensity rainfall, while El Nino has caused extreme drought owing to low rainfall, she stated.

Not only Indonesia but also the rest of the world has borne witness to natural disasters induced by the extreme climate. The current land and forest fires in Indonesia also contributed to climate change, she remarked.

“Forest fire is one of the examples. However, as compared to two weeks back, the condition is far better now,” she stated.

By and large, land and forest fires engulfing various parts of the country had resulted in several floral and animal species being wiped off the face of earth. Land and forest fires had inevitably raised greenhouse gas emissions, thereby raising global temperatures, she noted.

Indonesia, as one of the parties to the Paris Agreement, remains resolute in its efforts to tackling climate change.

“This reminds us of the need to strengthen the effort to control climate change,” she stated. EDITED BY INE (mzf)

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Vice President, Jusuf Kalla., Jakarta – Indonesia plays an important role in saving the earth by contributing to carbon absorption and maintaining the rate of global warming, Vice President Jusuf Kalla noted.

His statement was made during a business forum organized by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry-USA Committee (KADIN’s KIKAS) at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York on Wednesday (Sept 25).

“Indonesia has an important role in saving the earth and the future of life, so Indonesia should not be blamed and discriminated against as a country that does not pay attention to the environment during its development,” Kalla said in a statement on Thursday (26/9/2019).

With a potential natural wealth of 120 million hectares of tropical forests, mangrove forests and peatlands, Indonesia has a strategic position as a country that leads the way in efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Also in New York, Vice President Kalla witnessed the signing of the collaboration between Indonesian and US businessmen, the SMPP Consortium with PT Ekuator Wana Lestari and PT Aceh Nusa Indrapuri.

The cooperation between private entrepreneurs is being carried out to meet the target of Indonesia’s national determined contribution in reducing carbon emissions. Synergy between the private sector and the government is an important element in supporting the global warming control program.

Fast action by the private sector can be a counterbalance to the bureaucratic and regulatory systems on the part of the government in charge of the restoration and conservation of forests, mangroves and peat.

Indonesian Ambassador to the United States Mahendra Siregar said he expects the Indonesian private sector to work closely with international carbon verification agencies in providing credible and verified data, which is internationally recognized.

With the signing, the Indonesian private sector has taken the initiative to implement a peat and mangrove forest restoration program to contribute to the agreement of world leaders in reducing global warming. (fra)

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