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The annual international cycling race and sport tourism event Tour de Singkarak (TdS)., Bukittinggi – The annual international cycling race and sport tourism event Tour de Singkarak (TdS) was flagged off here, Sunday (4/11/2018).

Deputy Governor of West Sumatra Nasrul Abit, concurrently chairman of the TdS 2018 organizing committee, officiated the event in Kantin Square, here, on Saturday evening.

The Tour de Singkarak`s theme this year is “One Decade for All” to mark a decade of the organization of the cycling race classified by UCI (International Cycling Union) as 2.2 category race and listed in the UCI Asia Tour calendar of events.

Jamaludin Mahmud, event director of the Tour de Singkarak, said here, Saturday evening that the race had eight stages, compared to nine stages in the previous year.

Its race track this year, however, is extended to 1,267 kilometers (km), from 1,250 km in the previous year. The 2018 TdS route covers 16 districts and cities in West Sumatra Province.

The first stage of TdS is Bukittinggi-Sijunjung, stretching 140.5 km. The start from Bukittinggi is on Sunday (Nov 4) and participated in by 114 cyclists from 20 teams.

The second stage, beginning Nov 5, will start in Sawahlunto and end in Dharmasraya, covering a total distance of 204.1 km.

The third stage is Singkarak-Tanah Datar, stretching 150.4 km, on Nov 6, while the 144-km-long fourth stage covers Padang-Agam; the fifth stage is Limapuluh Kota-Pasaman, 170.5 km; sixth stage is Solok-Payakumbuh, 105 km, on Nov 9; and seventh stage is Padangpanjang-South Solok, 194.4 km, on Nov 10.

The final stage is from South Pesisir to Pariaman, stretching 158 km, to be held on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

The route includes Lake Singkarak, which is the largest lake in the province, Harau Valley, Lake Maninjau, Kelok (Curves) 44, Lake Di atas (Above), and Lake Di bawah (Below).

Bad weather in the current rainy season will become a real challenge. “This year, there are more heavy rains,” Mahmud said.

Last month, Several areas in West Sumatra were hit by floods and landslides.

Jamal Hibatullah, an Indonesian cyclist, expressed his enthusiasm to participate in the race, despite likely downpours during the event.

Last year, he came out as the fastest cyclist for Indonesian participants, and ranked sixth among all of the participating cyclists

He said among toughest rivals are Ben Dyball from St George Continental Cycling Team, Oleksandr Polivoda from Ningxia Sports Lottery-Lival Cycling Team, and Alvaro Duarte from Forca Amskins Racing.

“I have to be ready to face all kinds of condition, including the weather in West Sumatra, where rains frequently fall,” he said.

To show case the province`s nature scenery, the race will take the participants to a remote area, coastal region, tropical rain forest area, historic monuments and national parks existing in West Sumatra. (ant)

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Tari Piring performance in Padang Aro, South Solok, West Sumatera., West Sumatra – A numbers of 2,890 people broke Indonesian World Records for the biggest Tari Piring performance, a traditional dance which dancers carrying a couple of plates on their palms, in Padang Aro, South Solok, West Sumatra, on Sunday (22/9/2019).

The dancers — all women — are students, policewomen, wives of police and army personnel, who donned themselves with their uniform and traditional Minangkabau hat called tikuluak tanduak, which looks like bull’s horn.

“The committee claimed that this is a national records, but we are sure that this performance was broken the world records since Tapi Piring is a traditional dance that owned by West Sumatrans only,” Senior Manager of the Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI), Triyono, stated.

The record could also be considered as an effort of preserving cultural heritage by mainly the millennial generation.

The MURI certificate was handed over by Triyono to Chief of West Sumatera Provincial Police Inspector General Fakhrizal, accompanied by Chief of Solok Selatan Police Imam Yulisdianto.

Fakhrizal remarked that gathering almost three thousand people was not an easy task, but he said he would like to see such event could be held again.

“This performance will not end here as I am ready to support the same event next time,” Fakhrizal said.

Mayor of Solok Selatan Muzni Zakaria said he would support the mass Tari Piring performance to be held annually. (msn)

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The master plan for development is a basic requirement in accelerating efforts to realize SEZ in the marine tourism object., ​​​​​​​Painan – The Ministry of Tourism will soon prepare a master plan for the development of the Ameh Hill Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Integrated Marine Tourism Area of Mandeh in Pesisir Selatan District, West Sumatra.

“Monday (July 8) the meeting on the opening of the event will be held in Jakarta,” Head of the Pesisir Selatan Tourism, Youth and Sports office, Hadi Susilo, said in Painan, Sunday (7/7/2019).

For a thorough discussion, the meeting was not only attended by the ministry’s officials but also those from the local district government.

In addition, District Head of Pesisir Selatan, Hendrajoni, Assistant of Government and People’s Welfare, Muskamal, Head of Transportation Office, Gunawan, Head of Public Works and Spatial Planning, Era Sukma Munaf, Head of Public Relations and Protocol, Rinaldi and others were present in the event.

Also present were Deputy for Tourism Destination Development, Assistant Deputy for Infrastructure and Ecosystems, Assistant Deputy for Regional Tourism Destination Development, Assistant Deputy for Tourism Investment and Head of Tourism Destination Development Planning.

According to him, the master plan for development is a basic requirement in accelerating efforts to realize SEZ in the marine tourism object.

Previously, Pesisir Selatan District Head Hendrajoni said that in addition to the development master plan, the central government would also assist in preparing the project.

Assistance from the central government, he continued, is a form of concern for the development of the world of tourism in the local area which is expected to be able to increase local revenue and boost the growth of the local economy.

After all is completed, it will then be reported to the president and if all documents are complete, the presidential regulation regarding SEZ will be issued.

Encouraging the acceleration of KEK Mandeh, the district government will strive to realize land acquisition on the site.

Next is that a road to the location will also be built so that everything will run without overlapping.

According to the District Head, a four-kilometer road to KEK Mandeh will be built with a width of 20 meters.

In addition, he also continues to promote the SEZ area to investors both at home and abroad in the hope that when all is done immediately there are third parties that will manage it. (mik)

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This case of electoral crime was evident from a sack of five kilograms of corn seeds with the inscription of a hybrid ship's corn seed., Padang Aro – The Solok Selatan police station, West Sumatra, has delegated the electoral dossier of a suspect identified by initials as EW in a money politics case to the Prosecutor’s Office) and the dossier has been declared complete or P21.

“It has already been P21 and has been submitted to the prosecutor’s office or phase two,” said Coordinator of Integrated law Enforcement (Gakumudu) who is also South Solok Criminal Police Headquarters Adjunct Commissioner M Rosidy, in Padang Aro, Sunday (28/4/2019).

The certainty of P21 was said, after there was a notification letter from State Prosecutor Office of South Solok about the case files number: B / 17 / IV / 2019 / Reskrim, dated April 11 2019 on Thursday (25/4/2019).

This case of electoral crime was evident from a sack of five kilograms of corn seeds with the inscription of a hybrid ship’s corn seed.

The other pieces of evidence include one sheet “printed out the Facebook screenshot” of the suspect, one copy of the decision of the KPU (General Election Commission (KPY) Office in South Sumatra about the permanent list of candidates for the Provincial Legislative Assembly (DPRD) of South Solok in the 2019 Election and one black cellphone unit.

Previously, the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) of South Solok took action against the legislative candidates for the local district identified as “EW” in the Electoral District III which was suspected of committing a crime of money politics.

Chief of the Law, Prevention and Enforcement of Election Supervisory Body of South Solok Suriyanti said, the perpetrators will be subject to Article 523 (1) Law Number 7 Number 2017 with a maximum imprisonment of 2 years.

She said, candidates from the National Mandate Party (PAN) Electoral District III carried out distribution of corn seeds along with campaign material. Outside of money, she further said, in the form of other categories of goods which are not included in campaign material, it is said to be money politics.

In accordance with article 280 (1) letter J of Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning general elections conducted by these legislative candidates including other categories of goods.

The action taken by Gakumdu was based on initial information obtained and after being traced there was an element of money politics.

“The evidence that was successfully secured was in the form of five kilograms of corn seed along with campaign materials,” he said. (els)

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