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Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law, and Security, Wiranto., Jakarta – Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law, and Security Wiranto has made assurance that the police will be fair and transparent in conducting legal proceedings in connection with the riots erupting on May 21-22, 2019.

“Our brothers also continue to face various legal issues related to the election that arise. The legal process over the riots that broke out on May 21-22 after the announcement of election results, of course, will run fairly, honestly, and transparently,” Wiranto emphasized while leading the ministerial meeting at the office of the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs here Monday (10/6/2019).

Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo, Minister of Defense Ryamizard Ryacudu, Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly, Attorney General A. M. Prasetyo, TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian, Head of BIN General Budi Gunawan, and Head of the National Terrorism Prevention Agency (BNPT) Suhardi Alius were present at the meeting.

He urged the police to be as clear as possible in its approach to deliver the result of the investigation into the May-22 action to the public.

This is deemed necessary, particularly when speculations are currently rife among members in the community over several legal issues that are being processed, especially in connection with the arrest of key figures, who can immediately be neutralized.

“Yes, the right way forward is to inform the public as lucidly as possible about the legal process that took place. The process related to the investigation, making the police investigation report, and so forth should not create new speculations. Hence, the community should be informed clearly about how we consistently enforce applicable laws in Indonesia. This is crucial, ” Wiranto elaborated.

The minister revealed that currently, his side has prioritized maintaining political stability. Furthermore, the session to resolve disputes over the 2019 general election at the Constitutional Court is drawing closer.

“We are optimistic that the contestants will stay consistent and be able to accept the Constitutional Court’s decision, as it will prevent the problem from getting drawn out. Moreover, stability is guaranteed,” he added. (ant)





The conference's participants are expected to come up with strategies for urban development that is collaborative with residents., Jakarta – Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan officially opened the Second International Field School and Jakarta Urban Kampung Conference 2019 co-organized by the Rujak Center for Urban Studies, the Jakarta government, and Kyoto University, here on Monday (16/9/2019).

Themed “Reviving Urban Commons,” the conference, being organized on Sept 16-21, features an international conference on Sept 16, workshops and site visits on Sept 17-20, and public presentation and exhibition.

“We hope the future of Jakarta would be discussed. The past is good to take a lesson, but we have to do something for the future,” the governor stated.

The conference’s participants are expected to come up with strategies for urban development that is collaborative with residents.

Baswedan is keen on developing Jakarta into City 4.0, prioritizing public participation as a co-creator and in synergy with the government.

The meeting is an opportunity for collaboration among the community, professional staff, academics/students, and the government in realizing the importance and preserving living space in urban kampung.

Rujak Center for Urban Studies, on its website, highlighted the importance of contemplating on the future of urban kampung, including the possibility of future innovation and creativity that can be offered to change the paradigm of urban kampung as a city landscape instead of merely a slum.

The International Field School and Urban Kampung Jakarta Conference aims to offer opportunities for the participatory planning process conducted during the Pre-CAP and CAP (Community Action Planning) programs.

The field school activities will take Kampung Akuarium as a case study. Participants will be able to avail the opportunity to explore the three variables of life at the kampung to create an idea for the development of pre-existing plans from the results of Pre CAP and CAP in the Kampung Akuarium.

The participants’ work will serve as valuable inputs for the life of residents of the Kampung Aquarium in the mission of returning the “commons” that were lost during the eviction process, according to Rujak.

Key guests present at the opening ceremony of the conference comprised Kiyoko Kanki, professor at Kyoto University; Rita Padawangi, senior lecturer of Singapore University’s Social Sciences; Yusing Lim, architect of Akanoma Studio; Jin Yung Wu, professor of the National Taiwan University; Masato Soda of Nawa Architect and Associates; Elisa Sutanudjaja, and Executive Director of Rujak Center for Urban Studies. (fdh)

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Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan., Jakarta – The Indonesian press is morally indebted to the country’s third president B.J. Habibie who passed away on Wednesday (11/9/2019), Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan has said. “The press, mass media, and journalism community are morally indebted to Habibie as he paved the way for the freedom of the press as we know it today,” he said in the City Hall, Wednesday (11/9/2019).

Aside from being the father of democracy who unclogged the lag in Indonesia’s politics at the time, Habibie also rendered a service to the freedom of the press, through the stipulation of the Press Regulations during his time in office.

“He was not only the father of democracy, he was also the most meritorious man in making the press industry the way it is today. We are morally indebted to him,” he said.

After the short interview, Anies left the City Hall and headed for the RSPAD Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital where Habibie was being treated since September 1 until his passing.

The former president passed away at 6.05 p.m. Wednesday, at the age of 83.

He was being looked after by a team of specialist doctors with various fields of expertise, including heart, kidney, and internal diseases.

The third president of Indonesia had previously been treated in Germany after experiencing a heart valve leak.

The declining state of his health prompted a number of the country’s figures to visit Habibie at the hospital (rpg)

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Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan., Jakarta – Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan, said the relocation of the capital city to East Kalimantan would bring about a positive impact to the improvement of the welfare and health of the Jakartans, as the city will grow as the center of business.

“A city will grow as an economic center through the market mechanism. This has happened (in Jakarta). Hence, business networking will grow here,” Baswedan said here on Thursday (29/8/2019).

The development of business networking, he continued, will surely encourage development, which in the end, will provide more jobs for people.

As a result, Jakartans can improve their welfare and enjoy better health services, Baswedan remarked.

According to Baswedan, as the center of economic activity, Jakarta will continue its urban regeneration program worth Rp571 trillion.

“Transportation, infrastructure, city management and human resources have become our focus, including the restoration of areas undergoing a slump,” he said.

President Joko Widodo announced that the new capital city would be located in East Kalimantan, with parts in North Penajam Paser District and parts in Kutai Kertanegara District.

The government has allocated Rp466 trillion for the relocation of the capital city, of which some 19 percent will be sourced from the state budget under the asset management partnership scheme.

The remaining 81 percent of the fund will be provided under the Public Private Partnership scheme and the direct investment of state and private firms. (rcp)

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