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Agriculture Minister, Andi Amran Sulaiman., Kendari – Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman said that the floods that swept through several parts of the country in recent weeks will not disrupt national rice stocks.

“Floods are not a threat to national rice stocks. The national rice stocks currently stand at 2.3 million tons, kept in a number of Bulog (national logistics board) warehouses,” he said in Kendari, the capital of Southeast Sulawesi province, on Thursday (13/6/2019).

The floods that engulfed a number of rice-producing areas had led to farmers failing to harvest their paddy fields, he noted.

“Disasters are difficult to predict because they happen suddenly. Farmers who were ready to harvest their paddy fields were saddened because their hard work for months had failed due to the floods,” he said.

While flood-hit regions failed to harvest paddy fields, other regions in Indonesia were experiencing large harvests, he said.

He noted that the central government has extended more than Rp15 billion in aid to help alleviate the burden of flood-affected farmers, particularly in Southeast Sulawesi province.

The minister symbolically handed over such aid to Southeast Sulawesi Governor Ali Mazi, accompanied by commander of the 143 Haluoleo military post, Infantry Colonel Yustinus Nono Yulianto, and a member of the House of Representatives (DPR), Umar Arsal, at the disaster emergency command post of the 143 Haluoleo military post.

“The aid consists of cash worth more than Rp12 billion and an excavator valued at Rp3.5 billion. In total, the aid reaches more than Rp15 billion,” he said. (sur)

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Head of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) Lt. Gen. Doni Monardo., Kendari – Head of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) Lt. Gen. Doni Monardo has called on regional governments across Indonesia to prepare plans to address the impact of weather anomaly. “Every year several regions in Indonesia face weather anomaly which is difficult to predict. That is why we deem it necessary to prepare a plan to face the disaster,” he said here Monday (24/6/2019).

Since early this year, some 150 areas in the country have borne the brunt of natural disasters including floods, landslides, droughts, earthquakes, high waves and strong winds, he said.

The regions that are at high risk of facing these natural disasters must put in place contingency plans to prevent and control the impact of these disasters and increase the capacity of institutions, officers and residents to anticipate them, he said.

“The concept of identifying the threat of disasters is important so (the affected people) will not panic at least to save themselves and help other people,” he said.

Financial support from regional governments is also very important to prevent and control disasters, he said.

Adequate funding is the key to maximizing disaster prevention and control efforts, said Chief of the House of Representatives’ Commission VIII Ali Taher Parasong.

“The House Commission VIII is a genuine partner of the BNPB. From year to year, the budget fund for disaster prevention and control efforts increases. The state pays serious attention to its residents who face disasters,” he said.

The National Mandate Party (PAN) politician expressed the hope that provincial and district/municipal governments, along with local legislative councils will also allocate sufficient funds for disaster prevention and control efforts. (saj)

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The North Konawe region was inundated by floods following torrential rains that resulted in the rivers of Lalindu, Wadolo, and Wadambali overflowing., Kendari – Several thousand flood victims in North Konawe District, Southeast Sulawesi, are in dire need of assistance from various parties, both the government and private sector, to placate their distress.

North Konawe District Head Ruksamin stated when contacted directly from North Konawe on Monday (10/6/2019) that urgent assistance in the form of blankets, food, readymade food, clean water, and children’s clothing was urgently needed for flood victims in their area.

“What is certain is that residents seeking assistance are mainly for victims living in isolated areas, such as Asera, Oheo, Landawe, Langgikima, and Wiwirano sub-districts,” he revealed.

Ruksamin expressed gratitude to the National Disaster Management Agency for disbursing funds worth Rp500 million to handle flood victims in its area that was led and handed over directly by Head of BNPB TNI Lieutenant General Doni Monardo after reviewing and directly monitoring flood conditions since June 6, 2019.

The North Konawe district head remarked that in addition to cash aid, the BNPB’s assistance comprised two cargo aircraft and helicopter, 12 ships, and 20 refugee tents for the evacuated flood victims and also distribution of logistics.

Ruksamin stated that the BNPB head was highly concerned over the flooding that had hit the area, thereby resulting in significant losses to the community.

“He and his staff have seen first-hand the condition of the flood victims after which facilities, energy, and material assistance were promptly offered to this area,” he noted.

Ruksamin confirmed that the current focus was on rescuing residents in isolated areas, while aid comprising food and clothing had continued to gradually trickle in.

The North Konawe BPBD had earlier reported that 13 villages affected by floods in the area were Tambakua, Langgiwo, Polora Indah, Sabandete, Mopute, Longeo, Tapuwatu, Walalindu, Alawanggudu, Puuwanggudu, Labungga, Laronanga, and Lino Moio located in Langgikima District, Asera, Oheo, Landawe, Wiwirano, and Andowia.

The North Konawe region was inundated by floods following torrential rains that resulted in the rivers of Lalindu, Wadolo, and Wadambali overflowing.

A total of 17 houses incurred damage or were washed away by the floods, while 851 houses and three mosques were submerged. Moreover, flooding resulted in access being cut off to a connecting bridge as well as four elementary buildings and a high school. (ant)

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