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The cooperation with Japanese universities is considered to have potential and be advantageous for Indonesia because the field of engineering in Japan is very advanced., Jakarta – The Higher Education Service Institution (LLDIKTI) for Jakarta is initiating international cooperation with several universities abroad including those in India, Japan and Germany. “Since 2018, LLDIKTI Region III (for Jakarta area) has initiated international cooperation, especially with Indian, Japanese and German universities because they excel in certain aspects,” said Head of LLDIKTI Region III, Dr. Illah Sailah at a discussion with journalists here Monday (8/7/2019).

Research activities at Indian universities were very extensive with a large number of scientific books and publications produced by lecturers, Illah explained.

“In addition, Indian universities have a system that is similar to Indonesia, so we can share that with each other,” she added.

The cooperation with Japanese universities is considered to have potential and be advantageous for Indonesia because the field of engineering in Japan is very advanced.

“The engineering field in Japan is very strong. In addition, they have also implemented an education system that does not recognize any ranking system. And they maintain this system as part of their identity,” Illah said.

Meanwhile, cooperation with German universities, according to her, continues to be sought to increase and expand because the world of higher education in the western European country is very concerned about the labor market in accordance with its industrial needs.

Uzbekistan was also the target of international cooperation because as a country with a much smaller population (33 million people) than that of Indonesia, it has many universities, and is very eager to build cooperation with their partners in Indonesia, Illah further explained.

“Many good quality universities in Uzbekistan want to work with us. This international cooperation provides a great value for university accreditation,” she said, adding that this kind of cooperation could be in the form of dual degree and joint research for students and lecturers.

Now, it is a matter of pride for a higher education institution when it is can accept foreign students and send lecturers to teach at universities abroad, she stressed.

At present, there are 316 colleges in the LLDIKTI III working area. Of these, 133 higher education institutions have received institutional accreditation, consisting of 12 with accreditation A, 65 with accreditation B, and 56 with accreditation C.

Meanwhile, of the 1,808 study programs, 64 percent or 1,157 won accreditation B. (bpr)

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Industry Minister, Airlangga Hartarto., Jakarta – Indonesia and Singapore have agreed to follow up on the cooperation to develop the Nongsa Digital Park and Kendal Industrial Zone that is projected to intensify bilateral cooperation between the neighboring nations.

“Several cooperation agreements inked by the two countries are in the economic sector, such as in investment, trade, digital economic, and vocational education. This is a follow up of an agreement during last year’s Leaders Retreat,” Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto noted in a statement here on Wednesday (9/10/2019).

At the 2019 Annual Leaders Meeting in Singapore on Tuesday, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong discussed the cooperation. Jokowi was accompanied by Hartarto during the meeting.

Hartarto noted that the Indonesian government praised Singapore’s investment in the Kendal Industrial Zone (KIK), Central Java’s largest industrial zone and emblematic of the bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Singapore.

“The integrated zone was inaugurated by Mr President Jokowi and Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loon in 2016,” Hartarto remarked.

The KIK development is conducted in three stages on a land totaling 2,700 hectares. KIK is an integrated industrial zone supported by seaport, fashion city, and residential areas.

“Several light industries have already been operating. Moreover, we will encourage the development of the components, fashion, footwear, and garment industries,” the minister stated.

KIK has been expedited to become a labor-intensive and export-oriented industrial zone.

As of September 2019, investment in KIK was valued at Rp11.4 trillion, with 59 tenants from Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, among others.

“Two Chinese industries were also relocated there. This can strengthen the domestic industrial structure. It has created over 6,950 jobs,” Hartarto stated.

The government has planned to upgrade the status of KIK into a special economic zone (KEK) to be able to attract investment, reaching Rp70 trillion, within the next five years.

Until 2024, KEK Kendal is expected to exports goods worth US$500 million annually and substitute imports up to $250 million yearly.

Furthermore, Singapore and Indonesia have agreed to the development of Nongsa Digital Park (NDP) in Batam to serve as a base to create industrialists engaged in digital businesses, such as startup, web, application, digital programs, films, and animation.

The project is being coordinated by PT Kinema Systrans Multimedia with cooperation of Infinite Studios.

As of August 2019, the number of tenants and startups in NDP had reached 50 companies, including startups from Singapore, specifically Glints, a talent recruitment start-up, and Fintech firm LiquidPay. (spg)

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Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi., Bogor – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) will visit Singapore on Tuesday (8/10/2019), to attend the annual leaders’ retreat of both countries, stated Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi at Bogor Presidential Palace in West Java Monday. “The leaders’ retreat being conducted with Singapore is aimed at discussing the progress both countries made on cooperation as well as to evaluate them after one year has passed,” Marsudi said.

She mentioned the progress of cooperation on last year’s Kendal Industrial Park and partnership in Batam as the two matters which will be discussed.

Speaking on the investment sector, Marsudi highlighted vocational education which is significant for both Indonesia and Singapore.

“We expect to also discuss vocational education since Indonesia and Singapore were already signed several agreements on this sector,” she stated.

Besides, there are the matters of partnership progress, investments, and human capital development that have been planned to be discussed, Marsudi added, it is possible for the leaders to talk about other issues as such counterterrorism.

However, she refused to talk more about the meeting’s details.

“I will not reveal more details on it because the further information will be delivered after tomorrow’s meeting,” she remarked.

Last year, the meeting of leaders retreat took place in Bali in October. (asm)

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Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan., Jakarta – Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan has abandoned his planned trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, to attend the C40 Summit, based on the current inconducive situation in the capital city following students’ protests against several controversial bills.

“No. It was canceled taking into account the current situation in Jakarta,” Baswedan remarked at the provincial parliament complex here on Thursday (3/10/2019).

Baswedan was scheduled to attend the world’s cities summit to convey environmental programs.

“In fact, Jakarta needs to attend the summit to convey its programs as part of the global society. The world is looking at us. They saw problems on the environment, air quality, and other issues,” he added.

However, Baswedan has decided to cancel the trip and remain in Jakarta based on the unstable situation in the capital city.

C40 World Mayors Summit is due to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 10-11.

During the forum, Jakarta is expected to respond to questions on environmental issues in the city and reiterated its commitment to mitigating the impacts of climate change to create a developed city that is comfortable for its citizens.

Baswedan is scheduled to serve as a keynote speaker during a discussion session and sign the Clean Air Cities Declaration along with the mayors of Paris, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Delhi, and Portland.

The Jakarta governor and 19 other leaders of world cities will organize a discussion with former US vice president Al Gore and hold several bilateral meetings to establish sister cities.

Thousands of students staged protests in several cities as a mark of rejection against some controversial bills, including the draft bill on criminal code and the KPK law.

In Jakarta, the demonstrations, which often turned violent, have damaged public facilities and caused heavy traffic jams on several main streets. (rpg)

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