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Majority of the traffic violators were car drivers who breached the odd-even license plate traffic policy and did not wear seat-belts while driving., Jakarta – The Jakarta Metropolitan Police’s Traffic Management Center recorded at least 1,134 traffic violators captured by 12 cameras of Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) e-ticketing system installed in the capital city has been effective since early July.

Majority of the traffic violators were car drivers who breached the odd-even license plate traffic policy and did not wear seat-belts while driving, the Jakarta Metropolitan Police’s Traffic Management Center revealed on its official Twitter account on Tuesday (9/7/2019).

The cameras of this ELTE e-ticketing technology is able to catch the acts of traffic offences of those in cars, such as violating the odd-even and speeding policies, failing to wear seat belt, and using mobile phone while driving.

These cameras have so far been installed in 10 strategic areas in Jakarta, including the Sudirman-MH Thamrin Roads. The Jakarta provincial government and police plan to increase the existing number of the installed cameras to 81 units until September or October 2019.

With the increased number of cameras, personnel of the Traffic Directorate of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police are able to get detailed information of the vehicle and violations of car drivers.

In many big cities of developing and developed countries, the presence of installed cameras for catching traffic violators has been a common thing for residents and visitors.

In Singapore, for instance, the road traffic offences are governed by the Road Traffic Act (RTA), according to Singapore’s Legal Advice.

As revealed in “”, road traffic offences commonly found in the city state are “exceeding the speed limit”, “use of mobile phone while driving”, and “driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs”.

In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), the Australian Federal Police (AFP) revealed in its official website that those violating such traffic offences as speeding, unregistered vehicles, negligence driving would receive Traffic Infringement Notices.

“Penalty amounts for Traffic Infringement Notices are set by the ACT Government,” the AFP revealed.

The traffic violators are then required to pay fines through several options, such as online payment through the ACT Government’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) website; paying at any post office, and Bpay. (riz)

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A member of the Jakarta Legislative Council, Bestari Barus., Jakarta – A member of the Jakarta Legislative Council, Bestari Barus, has expressed hope that Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan’s, visit to Colombia for one week till July 16 would be beneficial to the capital city.

“Colombia? Maybe the government there (Columbia) works better than (the one) here, so he (Anies) needs to conduct a comparative study on how to manage a good government, so as to ensure the rest of the budget is not high,” Bestari said at the Jakarta Legislative Council on Tuesday (9/7/2019).

Bestari was initially quite surprised to find out that Anies had left for Colombia for a week.

“Maybe the governor is tired of the conditions in Jakarta. Maybe he should find a comparison on how to be able to provide inputs or orders to the work unit of the regional office,” he said.

The chairman of the Faction of the National Democratic Party at the legislative council stated that the performance of the Jakarta Provincial Government still needs to be improved, especially with regard to the construction of 225 thousand flats, 700 of which have been completed and the number has yet to increase.

“If 25 thousand flat units are completed by the region-owned enterprises and the Housing Office, there will be five thousand units in one year. There are only 700 units (now),” he said.

It was reported that Governor Anies flew to Colombia to speak at the World Cities Summit, which is a meeting for hundreds of regional heads from a number of countries in the world to discuss innovation, governance, and cultures. (arn)

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To face the dry season, BMKG had issued early warnings and sent weather reports to the related agencies., Jakarta – The capital city Jakarta has to be ready for drought since the peak of the dry season is predicted to be in September 2019, Indonesia’s Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has stated. During Jakarta’s dry season in May and June, some areas had experienced very poor supply of water, so the administration should pay more attention and anticipate the drought, according to the Head of Climate Information Analysis of BMKG Adi Ripaldi in Jakarta Thursday (4/7/2019).

So far, a number of areas, specifically in North Jakarta, are facing a drought alert.

“Two areas in North Jakarta got the number of 30-61 referring to the monitoring system of days with no rain (HTH). Those are Rawa Badak and Rorotan,” Ripaldi stated.

To face the dry season, BMKG had issued early warnings and sent weather reports to the related agencies.

“We are trying to anticipate this drought issue earlier,” Ripaldi said.

The people of Jakarta can also make efforts in this regard by using water wisely for every need including irrigation and watering their plants, he stated. (ant)

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The Indonesian Police Chief General Tito Karnavian (center) and Indonesian Military Chief Air Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto (second right) made a statement after a security briefing at the National Monument (Monas), Jakarta on Thursday (13/6/2019)., Jakarta – Indonesian Military (TNI) commander Air Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto stressed the solidity of the TNI and the National Police (Polri) in handling the case of 21-22 May riot.

The alleged involvement of a number of retired officers, according to Hadi, would not disturb the cooperation built between TNI and Polri.

“As it is known, the solidity of the TNI-Polri continues to run well,” Tjahjanto said in Jakarta on Thursday (13/6/2019).

He noted that the retired military officers were no longer part of TNI, as they have returned to being civilians upon completing their military duties.

However, according to Tjahjanto, he maintains communications with retired officers.

Previously, the police named former army general Kivlan Zen as a suspect in a treason case, in regards to the “people power” rallies held after the elections.

Zen, along with Major General (ret) Soenarko, were also suspects in attempted murder cases involving four high ranking national figures, including Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Luhut Pandjaitan and Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Minister Wiranto.

“We continue to communicate with him (Zen) to maintain the unity (of TNI-Polri), but TNI does not interfere in the legal process, because it is in the civilian domain,” Tjahjanto noted.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Police Chief General Tito Karnavian said the importance of building solidity with the TNI is to ensure the unity of the republic, despite some discomfort.

However, based on the principles of equality before the law, every case against retired military or police officers must be addressed based upon the law, he added.

Kivlan Zen is being detained for 20 days in the POM Jaya Detention Center, Guntur, South Jakarta.

As for Soenarko, he is suspected of smuggling illegal firearms and is being held at the National Police Headquarters in the Guntur Military Detention House.

Karnavian said that Zen and Soenarko were being investigated in different cases. He speculated that Soenarko’s case can still be resolved by deliberation.

“Somewhat different from the case of Mr. Soenarko, this weapon was clearly owned by him when he was in Aceh, then taken to Jakarta. As in the case of Mr. Kivlan Zen, the grade is different, so I think there can still be room for communication in this problem of Mr. Soenarko,” Karnavian said. (ric)

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