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The North Sumatra Provincial Government's Secretary, Sabrina, spoke to Swedish investors in Medan on Wednesday (7/8/2019)., Medan – The Swedish Energy Agency and Business Sweden have expressed their keenness to invest in the waste management sector of the North Sumatra Province, the North Sumatra Provincial Government’s Secretary, Sabrina, said on Wednesday (7/8/2019).

Speaking to journalists after meeting with the representatives of the company here, Sabrina said, “The Swedish investors said North Sumatra has been potentially chosen as their investment destination. We are ready to work with them.”

The North Sumatra provincial government itself has planned to build a large landfill and is keen to adopt Japan’s style of managing its waste, Sabrina said.

“This waste management sector can later produce energy and other valuable products, including fertilizers,” she said.

According to Business Sweden’s consultant, Fuad Hasan, the Swedish investors were interested in investing or cooperating with related authorities in the waste management sector due to its huge potential.

“In Indonesia, the Swedish company has handled waste management in Sunter, North Jakarta,” said Hasan, who was accompanied by the Swedish Energy Agency’s Country Manager, Paul Westin, and Business Sweden’s Consultant, Farida, at the meeting.

The Swedish company is prepared to work with the North Sumatra Environment Agency in the waste management sector, he added.

Waste has become a common problem for lots of regional and provincial governments. In terms of plastic bags, some 9.8 billion plastic bags are used in Indonesia every year, and almost 95 percent of them end up as waste.

The total number of plastic straws used by Indonesians daily reaches some 93 million, an increase from nine percent in 1995 to 16 percent in 2018, according to the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry.

In this regard, the West Java provincial government, for instance, has revealed its keenness to turn plastic waste into low-carbon fuels. West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, recently visited the United Kingdom-based Plastic Energy Limited.

At his meeting with the representatives of Plastic Energy Limited at their headquarters, he discussed issues related to an investment worth Rp3 trillion to turn plastic waste into diesel fuel. (ant)

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Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Basuki Hadimuljono visited Lake Toba's tourism area in North Sumatra on Sunday (28/7/ 2019)., Jakarta – The government, through the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, has prepared some Rp2.4 trillion for the development of Lake Toba as one of the National Tourism Strategic Areas by 2020.

“We already have a development program that will be implemented in Lake Toba from 2019 until 2020,” Public Works and Public Housing Minister Basuki Hadimuljono remarked at a meeting in Parapat, North Sumatra, on Sunday (28/7/2019).

The minister delivered the statement during his visit to the Lake Toba area on July 28-31, 2019.

The minister highlighted the government’s steady efforts to refine and change the “face” of Lake Toba in Silangit, Toba Samosir, Simalungun, and other related areas.

Furthermore, President Joko Widodo is scheduled to visit the Lake Toba area.

Hadimuljono stated that the ministry will continue its work to attract investors to invest in some basic infrastructure development programs, such as highways, that has been done in the Kaldera tourism area.

Hadimuljono highlighted some infrastructure development to be conducted in the Lake Toba area, such as gate expansion, road repair, as well as creation of public spaces in the Port of Ajibata.

The Public Works and Public Housing Ministry has also continued to support the acceleration of infrastructure development in North Sumatra Province to encourage economic equity and improve the welfare of the local community.

During the 2015-2019 period, the ministry had built several new infrastructure to support water and food security, clean water supply, and arrangement of tourism areas on the shores of Lake Toba.

“Infrastructure development is not only conducted to encourage economic development in urban areas and other developed regions but also to develop rural areas and borders to reduce social, economic, and regional disparities,” Hadimuljono explained.

The ministry had also built the Lausimeme Dam in Deli Serdang District. The dam construction work is being carried out in two projects. The first project starts from the preparation, construction of the entrance, main dam, and other works. The second project encompasses road relocation works, evasion buildings, overflow buildings, taking buildings, hydromechanical, and facility buildings.

The ministry is currently widening the Tano Ponggol channel on Lake Toba in Samosir District to provide opportunities for tourists to explore Samosir Island aboard larger boats.

Tano Ponggol is the only land access to get to Samosir Island in the middle of Lake Toba. The Tano Ponggol Channel has an average width of 25 meters in shallow conditions, and in some parts, it has narrowed to just eight meters.

Hence, the Tano Ponggol Channel has been currently widened to 100 meters along 1,476 meters. Furthermore, a five-meter-deep excavation is being conducted to get the base elevation of the groove at 807m asl (Above Sea Level).

Furthermore, the arrangement of Tomok area in Samosir District was also conducted to support the development of Lake Toba as an international-level National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN).

The development work of the Tomok area, from July to December 2017, cover the arrangement of the Batak Museum area in Tomok and provision of supporting infrastructure, such as toilets and temporary landfills. The budget to develop Tomok reached Rp3.4 billion. (yas)

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The value of the drug trade in the country is estimated to have reached nearly least Rp66 trillion., Medan – The North Sumatra police’s anti-drug squad has thwarted an attempt to trade 59 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and arrested seven drug mules for their alleged involvement in drug trafficking activities. The suspects that the police investigators nabbed from some different places in North Sumatra Province have only been identified by their initials RS, A, MAA, R, J, S, and H, Deputy Chief of the North Sumatra Province Brig. Gen. Mardiaz Kusin Dwihananto, said.

RS was arrested on June 27 from a restaurant in Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra Province, with three kilograms of crystal meth that he had covered with three plastic bags, Dwihananto said while speaking to journalists here Thursday (11/7/2019).

Six other suspects were nabbed in different places, including R and J who was arrested on July 8, with two white plastic rice sacks containing 40 kilograms of crystal meth, Dwihananto added.

Indonesia is perceived by both domestic and transnational drug dealers as a potential market due to its huge population and millions of drug users.

Some 50 Indonesians die of illicit use of drugs every day, while the total number of drug users in the country has reached seven million, The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has stated.

The value of the drug trade in the country is estimated to have reached nearly least Rp66 trillion.

Like many other provinces, North Sumatra has been continuously targeted by both domestic and international drug rings.

On March 9, 2019, for instance, the Tanjung Balai Police and Customs and Excise officers in North Sumatra Province arrested a Malaysian citizen, only identified by his initials as NZ, for allegedly smuggling 76.4 grams of crystal meth.

The suspect concealed a plastic pack of crystal meth, or popularly known as Sabu-Sabu, inside his right shoe, while two others were concealed in his anus, Tanjung Balai City Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Irfan Rifai told Antara recently.

The investigators were able to retrieve the two remaining packs from NZ’s body, he revealed.

In addition to the crystal meth, the police officers confiscated other evidence of crime from the suspect, including two cellular phones, Rp400 thousand in cash, and a pair of shoes, Rifai revealed.

NZ had entered Indonesia on a ferry from Malaysia, which arrived at the Teluk Nibung Port in Tanjung Balai City, North Sumatra Province, on Saturday, March 9, at around 4:30 p.m. local time. (mmw)

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Regarding the police investigation into the fire, the North Sumatra police had also interrogated the owner of a house rented to a local businessman who managed the factory., Medan – The North Sumatra police have named three suspects in the case of a deadly fire at a lighter factory in Langkat District on Friday (21/6/2019) that killed 25 adults and five children.

The suspects were only identified by their initials as IM, BH, and LN, spokesman of the North Sumatra Police Headquarters Senior Commissioner Tatan Dirsan Atmaja told journalists in Medan on Saturday (22/6/2019) evening.

IM was a businessman while BH was the manager and LN was the supervisor of the lighter factory. They are currently detained for their alleged ignorance that had caused the deaths of 30 people, he said.

In another development, the local police Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) team had identified seven bodies from among 30 dead victims. Those identified victims had been placed inside coffins to be then handed over to the victims’ families.

The identified bodies belong to Shifa Oktaviana, 9; Rina, 15; Sahmayanti, 22; Vinkza parisyah, 10; Runisa Syaqila, 2; Bisma Syaputra, 3; and Zuan Ramadhan, 6.

Regarding the police investigation into the fire, the North Sumatra police had also interrogated the owner of a house rented to a local businessman who managed the factory.

According to North Sumatra Police Spokesman Adjunct Senior Commissioner MP Nainggolan, the house owner, identified by his initials as SM, 40, faced police questioning because he had rented the house to BH, 37, a local businessman who runs the factory.

Speaking to journalists earlier in Medan, Nainggolan remarked that police investigators also cross-examined BH, in connection with the deaths of the 30 people, including five children, in the house he had used to operate the lighter factory.

Located in Sambirejo Village, Binjai Sub-district, Langkat District, North Sumatra Province, the lighter factory was engulfed in fire on Friday, claiming the lives of 25 adults and five children, who were trapped inside.

Nainggolan further remarked that police investigators of the Binjai Subdistrict Police Precinct had also questioned four workers — Dewi Novitasari, 29; Haryani, 30; Nuraidah, 24; and Ayu Anitasari — who survived the deadly fire.

Police investigators had also summoned two witnesses, identified as Agus, 45, and Selamat, 44, who reside in Sambirejo Village, he revealed.

According to the Langkat Disaster Mitigation Agency, the fire killed 30 people, including Nurhayati, Yunita Sari, Pinja, Sasa, Suci/Aseh, Mia, Ayu, Desi/Ismi, Juna, Dhijah, Maya, Rani, Alfiah, Rina, Amini, Kiki, Priska, Yuni, Sawitri, Fitri, Sifah, and Wiwik. (mmd)

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