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BNN Deputy Chief for Eradication, Arman Depari., Jakarta – The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) arrested four people for possessing hundreds of kilograms of hashish at 03.09 p.m. local time in Jakarta on Thursday (8/8/2019), BNN Deputy Chief for Eradication, Arman Depari, said.

The hashish was brought from Aceh to Jakarta using a truck carrying vegetables, gas cylinders, mechanical tools and a compressor, he said.

The BNN official said the hashish was hidden in an iron box aboard the truck.

After unloading vegetables at the Kramatjati wholesale market in East Jakarta, the truck was headed to Kalimalang to unload the mechanical tools and gas cylinders, he said.

“They were supposed to move the items to their rented house,” he said

BNN has, so far, found some 80 kilograms of hashish from four gas cylinders it opened with the help of officers from the fire department, he said.

He believed that hundreds of kilograms of hashish are still hidden in the other gas cylinders, which have not yet been opened.

Based on the results of an investigation conducted, a person who is now at the Cirebon correctional facility in West Java controlled the hashish syndicate, Depari said.

“The hashish was supposed to be circulated in Jakarta and West Java,” he said. (jss)





President RI 2019, Joko Widodo., Jakarta – Law enforcement agencies should not allow themselves to be hijacked by organized crime syndicates, President Joko Widodo has stressed.

“Our legal officers should not be hijacked by the organized crime syndicates and should ensure the progress of government programs,” President Joko Widodo said during a limited meeting at Jakarta, Thursday (31/10/2019).

The law must guarantee the courage of investors, businesses and industries to do business in the country.

Law enforcement officials must support strategic programs for national development, he explained.

The President urged the authorities to review legal issues relating to development programs.

“Do not let the organized crime syndicates bite and block the program,” the President stated.

During the meeting, the President also asked his cabinet to explain several issues in anticipation of any turmoil in politics and security in the country.

He directed his assistants to invite the public for a dialogue to discuss the revision of the Manpower Law.

Besides, he asked his ministers to provide a clear understanding of the programs of the government, such as those related to the rising fees of the Health Care and Social Security Agency (BPJS Kesehatan). (ban)

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Minister of Defense periode 2019-2024, Prabowo Subianto. Jakarta – Minister of Defense, Military Lt. General (retired) Prabowo Subianto vowed to strengthen the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI’s) primary weaponry defense system, during a visit to the TNI Headquarters in East Jakarta, Wednesday (30/10/2019).

On his arrival, Prabowo was welcomed by TNI Commander Air Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto.

The commander was accompanied by Chief of Staff of the Navy Admiral TNI Siwi Sukma Adji, Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal Yuyu Sutisna and Deputy Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Tatang Sulaiman.

The TNI Chief and the Chiefs Of Staff then made presentations on the Minimum Essential Force program. Prabowo responded by saying the plans are on the right track.

Although he was proud of the TNI’s capabilities, the defense minister believed that they needed to be improved further, especially the primary weaponry defense system and human resources.

Therefore, he would support the acquisition of defense equipment required by the TNI to protect Indonesia, Prabowo assured.

“The TNI must be strong in all branch of services, including the Army, Navy and Air Force. For this reason, together with the Vice Minister, we want to strengthen the operational ranks of the TNI’s real combat force, and we will strengthen the TNI,” he said.

The TNI must always be alert to threats that could disrupt the sovereignty and integrity of Indonesia, Prabowo stressed.

Meanwhile, Tjahjanto hoped that under Subianto’s leadership, the Ministry of Defense, together with the TNI, would make state defense a formidable force and face any threats and challenges that may confront Indonesia.

Furthermore, the TNI Commander and the Chiefs of Staff conveyed the Work Programs that have been implemented and will be implemented, as well as the TNI’s achievements in the defense sector thus far.

“To follow up on the directives of the President, as the commander of the military forces, I am trying to determine 11 Priority Programs, and accelerate it with a program of 100 working days at the beginning of the term,” he said.

The eleven priority programs include revitalization of the MEF, refining the TNI doctrine, making the TNI an adaptive organization, developing competency-based human resources, as well as a branch of service training. (ant)

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Gerindra Party Chairman, Prabowo Subianto., Jakarta – Prabowo Subianto, Gerindra Party chairman, is the right person to become defense minister as he is competent in defense affairs, the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Chairman Bambang Soesatyo believes. “I have heard that he could be appointed defense minister. Yes, it is because of his competence in the field of defense,” the senior politician of Golkar Party said here Tuesday (22/10/2019).

He expressed the hope that Indonesia would have a strong defense system and be respected in Asia and globally.

He had not heard any dissent to Subianto’s appointment, and there have been many voices supporting the retired general, the former House Speaker said.

“This includes the competence of Edhy Prabowo of Gerindra in the agriculture sector,” he remarked, referring to the likely appointment of the Gerindra deputy chairman, as agriculture minister.

Subianto also has experience in agricultural affairs as he is a former chairman of the Indonesian Farmer Association (HKTI).

When the MPR leadership invited Subianto to the presidential inauguration on October 20, he revealed his vision and views on agricultural development and efforts to make Indonesia a self-reliant country.

“So, in my opinion, if Gerindra is involved in the agriculture sector, it is not empty talk, as they have a concept that I have seen is as an extraordinarily good one,” he said.

Subianto, a former commander of the Indonesian Army’s Special Forces (Kopassus) and rival of Jokowi during the two consecutive presidential elections in 2014 and 2019, accepted Jokowi’s offer. His deputy, Prabowo is likely to be appointed a minister, too.

Soesatyo echoed Jokowi’s keenness for political reconciliation for stability during his subsequent five-year term by appointing Subianto.

“I think what is taking place these days, including the presence of Prabowo, is a political reconciliation that Jokowi is making for the stability of the government in the next five years,” Soesatyo remarked.

Reconciliation has taken place in the Parliament, and it is further strengthened in the Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin government’s cabinet, he pointed out. (ant)

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