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Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister, Susi Pudjiastuti., West Kalimantan – Indonesia’s Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry has sunken 21 foreign fishing boats for poaching in Indonesian waters.

“The 21 foreign fishing boats were sunken in two locations, namely in Tanjung Datok waters, Mempawah District, and Paloh waters in Sambas District, West Kalimantan Province,” Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti said here on Sunday (6/10/2019).

The minister led the sanction to sink the foreign vessels mostly from Vietnam, by making holes in the boats’ hulls and fill them with sea water.

The sinking of the foreign boats is a punishment imposed by the Indonesian Government as a deterrence to poachers operating in Indonesian waters.

“Now, Indonesia’s marine products have doubled since the strict punishment is imposed by sinking the vessels (fishing illegally in Indonesian waters),” the minister said.

Fishing using methods in accordance with the existing regulations has helped increase the country’s fish stock, and surge earnings of traditional fishermen.

Of the 21 foreign fishing boats, 18 vessels were sunken in Tanjung Datok waters, and three in Paloh waters, she said.

The ministry also planned to sink nine foreign vessels in Natuna, six in Batam, and six in Belawan, according to the minister.

In total, there are 41 foreign fishing boats which have been convicted for illegal fishing activities in Indonesian waters. Several of the vessels have been sunken, and the rest will follow soon.
Indonesia has been blessed with abundant maritime natural resources that can make other countries envious.

This prompts several other nations to carry out illegal fishing activities in Indonesian waters.

The government has claimed that the illegal fishing activities in the country’s waters has caused a loss of hundreds of trillions of rupiahs a year to the state.

The war against illegal fishing activities has been spearheaded by Maritime and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti with the support of other parties, particularly the Indonesian Navy.

The government has even set up an Illegal Fishing Eradication Task Force (Task Force 115) to combat poaching in Indonesian waters.

The Task Force 115 has made a synergy with other agencies and institutions in its operation. (adl)





Thick haze, resulting from wildfires in the peatland areas and due to slash and burn activities., Pontianak – The West Kalimantan police questioned intensely 40 found to be allegedly involved in 34 land and forest fire cases that caused incessant suffering to locals owing to the impact of thick smoke emanating from wildfires.

“A total of 33 cases of such land and forest fires are linked to individuals, while the other one is related to corporation,” Senior Commissioner Donny Charles Go, the West Kalimantan police spokesman, remarked here on Monday (19/8/2019).

The police investigators will continue to make law enforcement efforts targeting individuals and companies involved in the occurrences of wildfires, he noted, adding that the National Police had demonstrated its seriousness in handling land and forest fire cases.

The National Police’s assistant team members had also been deployed to West Kalimantan to closely monitor efforts to handle the cases of wildfires raging through several hectares of land during this dry season, he remarked.

The National Police has given clear-cut directives to its apparatuses in the regions to apply preventive and law-enforcement measures concerning the cases of land and forest fires, he stated.

The Environment and Forestry Ministry noted that the authorities had sealed 10 plantation firms and companies granted industrial forest permits (HTI) after wildfires were detected in their areas.

Thick haze, resulting from wildfires in the peatland areas and due to slash and burn activities, has shrouded the areas of Pontianak and several other parts of West Kalimantan over the past few weeks.

Several residents of Pontianak, the capital city of West Kalimantan Province, admitted to having to inhale haze, with a strong odor, arising from wildfires.

Owing to this condition, several residents were apprehensive over the impact of the thick smog on their health and outdoor activities. The haze, lofting through the areas of Pontianak, had also reduced visibility. Amid this year’s dry season, land and forest fires hit several provinces in the island of Sumatra, including South Sumatra and Riau. (rmn)

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The flood swept through the three hamlets of Mandor, Kopiang and Liansipi, according to data from Mandor police precinct on Sunday (9/6/2019)., Pontianak – A flood triggered by heavy rains hit Mandor village, Landak district, West Kalimantan province, on Friday (7/6/2019) night, leaving one person dead and forcing 268 families to flee their home.

The flood swept through the three hamlets of Mandor, Kopiang and Liansipi, according to data from Mandor police precinct on Sunday (9/6/2019).

The families comprised 250 from Mandor, 13 from Kopiang, and five from Liansipi.

The heavy rains also caused flood in Sengah Temila sub-district and landslide in Kuala Behe sub-district, disrupting local people’s daily activities. (ren)

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BNN investigators, Maskur and Badol admitted to having purchased the drug from two local narcotics dealers -- Sule and Rini -- residing in Beting Village, Pontianak Timur Sub-district., Pontianak – The West Kalimantan Police’s Narcotics Unit investigators apprehended a prison officer and two inmates of the Singkawang Penitentiary on Saturday and confiscated 400 grams of crystal methamphetamine from the suspects, a police officer said.

The drug transaction could be thwarted after the police investigators received a tip-off. The prison officer only identified by his initials RB was arrested,” Director of the West Kalimantan Police’s Narcotics Unit Senior Commissioner Gembong Yudha said here on Sunday (26/5/2019).

The police investigators revealed that the suspect would have handed over the drug to Samsul alias Isam, an inmate of the Singkawang Penitentiary. The crystal meth belonged to Mawardi alias abah who is also serving his sentence at the prison, he said.

The suspects had been detained by the West Kalimantan Police for further investigation, he said, adding that community members were suggested to help the police’s war on drug dealers by giving them tips-off.

To step up its drugs crackdown, the West Kalimantan National Narcotics Agency (BNN) here, Monday, destroyed 1.3 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine that its officers had seized from two suspects arrested during a recent raid.

noted that West Kalimantan has continuously been targeted by drug rings. On April 26, the West Kalimantan National Narcotics Agency (BNN) conducted a raid at a cemetery in Siantan Tengah Village, Pontianak Utara Subdistrict.

During the raid, the BNN officers took into custody Maskur and Badol along with 10 small packs of meth, cash worth Rp169 million, two motorbikes, cellular phones, and several bank account books.

During a confession to BNN investigators, Maskur and Badol admitted to having purchased the drug from two local narcotics dealers — Sule and Rini residing in Beting Village, Pontianak Timur Sub-district.

In March, the BNN also confiscated 100 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and ecstasy pills from a suspect that the anti-drug squad personnel had detained in Bengkayang District, West Kalimantan Province.

The crystal meth and ecstasy pills were packaged in 106 plastic bags that the suspect, only identified by his initials HEN, hid in five separate fish boxes, BNN Eradication Deputy Inspector General Arman Depari revealed.

The BNN investigators took HEN into custody in Sungai Duri Village of Sungai Raya Sub-district, Bengkayang District, West Kalimantan Province, he revealed.

Local and transnational drug dealers view Indonesia as one of their potential markets in Southeast Asia owing to its vast population and several million drug users.

The BNN remarked that the consumption of illicit drugs claimed the lives of some 50 Indonesians daily, while the total drug users in the country had reached seven million, while the drug trade in Indonesia is estimated to have reached at least Rp66 trillion.

Taking into account this grim reality, drug trafficking activities have turned out to be a constant threat to Indonesia’s security and human resources.

To win the war against drug dealers, stringent punishments, including imposing death penalties on them, are the pressing need of the hour. (mhs)

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